Summer is well and truly here: it’s time to go sailing. Musto’s newly expanded LPX range now offers even more choice of ultra-lightweight, ergonomically designed and breathable inshore high performance clothing, ideal for inshore sailing and racing in warm weather. Designed with sailors, for sailors.

Musto has long been an industry leader in the field of high-end clothing and footwear for all weather conditions. With innovations in technology and a greater emphasis on inshore racing in any weather, this expansion of the LPX line is fast set to lead the way in unbeatable inshore racing apparel.

For the newly expanded LPX Collection, Musto has combined their knowledge of top-level inshore racing and the needs of sailors keen to push the limits of their own performance to create a range of apparel that offers the wearer comfort and flexibility without sacrificing protection and style.

Whenever you try and push your performance to a new level any barriers caused by gear can be frustrating, and uncomfortable or overly bulky kit is an all too common issue. Musto has focused on bringing professional performance quality to the committed inshore racing sailor. Furthermore, these advances in comfort and weight make the LPX ideal for other activities such as paddlesports and skiing.

Musto consulted with their elite sailing ambassadors at the highest end of the sport, like top pro sailor Pete Cumming – part of many record-breaking crews including the current Round Britain & Ireland World Record holders – to identify new trends in sailing and yacht design to innovate their LPX line and anticipate the needs of the wearer.

Those needs range from protection and cooling in the hot glare of the Mediterranean sun, to kit that’s comfortable and quick to don to contend with the unpredictable weather around the UK’s coastline.

The increase in protection and comfort comes in part from the technologies employed by Musto in the new LPX line. The LPX GORE-TEX Infinium® Aero Jacket, for example, is the lightest sailing jacket that Musto has ever made and utilises the industry’s go-to name in breathable fabrics, GORE-TEX, specifically the new GORE-TEX Infinium® fabric, which the company claim is their most breathable yet.

Despite its light weight, the Aero Jacket still delivers excellent protection from spray and strong coastal winds. Its breathability and ergonomic design make it a great outer layer for active and dynamic inshore sailors.

In wetter conditions, be that working on the bow or sailing in heavy spray, the LPX GORE-TEX Smock offers added protection. Its PU-coated collar and cuffs and Neoprene hem deliver a watertight seal, while a tilted neck tab allows for a tailored, ergonomic fit. Together this allows wearers to stay dry under all conditions without sacrificing the manoeuvrability and temperature control that are fundamental to the LPX line.

For impeccable protection and dynamic movement, Musto has also created GORE-TEX salopettes and shorts to protect the wearer. Abrasion-resistant seat and knees mean your kit continues to perform, even when put through its paces.

One of the most difficult elements to manage inshore is temperature. With your own body heat increasing with different activity levels and manoeuvres, as well as the ever-changing variable of weather conditions, there is often no time for swapping clothes or even undoing a zip.

Here Musto hopes to have sailors covered with their LPX Primaloft® Stretch Midlayer Jacket. Worn in combination with the Aero Jacket, it gives an added option for temperature regulation in poor weather and also makes an excellent outer layer in fairer conditions.

Musto’s attention to detail is highlighted in their LPX Sunblock Dynamic Tee. This is a base layer shirt perfect for wearing on its own on a hot day, or as a foundation to a more comprehensive temperature regulation system in combination with other layers.

The fabric utilises innovative ICE CAFÉ yarn that provides the active cooling effect of Xylitol – capable of lowering body temperature by up to 3 degrees without additional chemicals – and incorporates sustainable liquified post-consumer waste coffee beans that combat odour and maintain freshness.

The tee also boasts a UV-treatment that offers a factor 50 sun protection without relying on chemicals and is available in a long or short sleeve for varying levels of protection.

The entire LPX line comes with the added advantage of looking as great onshore as off, and it’s clear that Musto aims to give wearers the confidence that comes with looking the part as well as feeling it.

Plus with the Musto sale offering up to 20% off – now is a great time to give your kit an upgrade and find out how far you can push yourself.