The latest piece of furling technology to come from Seldén is the Seldén Synchronised Main Furling system, which allows easy touch-button operation

A straightforward concept lies behind the appeal of in-mast mainsail furling systems: haul on the clew outhaul while allowing the sail to unfurl in a controlled manner. But what if that process could be automated, so the sail could be unfurled, furled or reefed by a single watchkeeper at the touch of a button?  That’s exactly what Seldén has achieved with the Selden Synchronised Main Furling (SMF) system.

The two key elements of the new system from Seldén are an in-mast electric motor that’s synchronised with one of Seldén’s compact E40i electric winches, which is used to control the clew outhaul.

Each motor has a dedicated control unit and they’re interfaced using Seldén’s SEL-Bus (a CanBus-type network) to enable reliable operation without overloading the outhaul. The speed of the E40i winch is also slowed automatically by reducing power to the unit if the load exceeds a predetermined figure.

When not in use the system automatically switches to a sleep mode to avoid consuming unnecessary electrical power. To avoid the need to run hefty low-voltage wiring, and to enable physically smaller motors to be used, the yacht’s 12V or 24V DC power is stepped up to 42V.

The system, including the in-mast motor, can be retrofitted on boats with Seldén’s long-running RB and RC furling mast sections that are suitable for yachts of 36-50ft. It has potential to find favour with owners who value the ability to finely control sail area at the touch of a button, as well as those looking to reduce the physical effort needed to sail.

Selden Synchronised Main Furling system

Price: €7,650
Buy now from seldenmast

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